In Tribute

Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI

Friday, September 25, 2020

Today Americans again pay tribute to our incredible Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This morning I see the hearse carrying her casket to the U. S. Capital. There she’ll lie in Statuary Hall, in state–a rare honor and for her very deserving. We’ve all benefited from Ginsburg’s high intelligence, rare determination, and knack for gaining a consensus among diversified groups. Right now, military honor guards are removing her casket from the hearse, I’m tearing-up again. Ginsburg never shied from appreciation and would have loved this. She physically was tiny and couldn’t be a heavy-lift for casket bearers.

As the casket bearers bow their heads, I’m crying. After a military salute, Nancy Pelosi speaks briefly, followed by Denise Graves, mezzo soprano (Ginsburg adored opera), accompanied on piano by Laura Ward. Graves sings a tribute, “Deep River”. Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt reads Psalms 118, Verse 5, and speaks to “Justice, justice, justice”, a trio of words framed in Ginsburg’s Chamber and addressed in the Torah. Ginsburg has summarized her own achievements as an “Evening-out the rights of women and men.”

Ginsburg will be buried tomorrow in Arlington National Cemetery. Her family, observing Jews, had time to prepare for this, and surely with Ginsburg herself. This public ceremony lasting a week departs from a traditional Jewish requirement of burial within three days of passing.

She blazed a path for younger citizens. Those inspired by her work, already on that path, and many beginning law careers, will work to keep open America’s progress. We must keep faith in the promises of equality for all.

We all must take action, and above all vote in this presidential election.

Dear Friends: We’ve participated in years of progress and must ensure continuance. Diana

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