Saturday, September 26, 2020

My long-time friend Linda sent this photo of her son David, at the Supreme Court and standing vigil at Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s coffin. This summer, David began clerking for Ginsburg and has been devastated by her passing. Ginsburg’s past and present law clerks took turns standing vigil over her.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of assuming that today she’d be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Instead that is happening next week. Meanwhile, the American public will be distracted by the furor of an unprecedented process, an incredible rushing to fill Ginsburg’s seat with a presidential appointee, even as our presidential election is rolling, or (to be blunt) roiling.

Somewhere in every good story hides a joke. Our “2020 Story” is full of jokes and they’re even not hidden. Another is about to occur on Tuesday when the president and his opponent will debate. Trump’s idea of debating will be to deliver blows like a flying-wrestler would use to smash an opponent’s persona. In a recent article (link below), a psychiatrist advises Biden to respond to Trump’s lying and blustering by delivering a “humor sandwich”. That would mean tucking a genuine idea between a couple of jabs at Trump’s nonstop lying and prancing throughout his presidency.

My neighbor and friend Bill, active in Democratic politics, responded to my request for a yard sign supporting Biden and Harris. We discussed where to set the sign so it’s least-likely stolen. Our neighborhood has Biden-Harris supporters, but also has a busy through-road with passing MAGA-toughs. The roadside is unsafe and I’ll hinder the sign’s easy-pulling by finding a spot still visible and harder to access.

Here’s debate coaching for Biden from Dr. Richard A. Friedman:

Dear Friends: Relentless tension will include a drama-fraught lame duck session. Diana

2 thoughts on “Transition

  1. I agree, and in their first debate Biden must knock it out of the ball park or hit a solid home run. Trump no longer surprises, and the Dems are “enough woke”, able to understand and coach, to win all three debates AND the turbulent approaching election.


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