Free Again

Sunday, September 27, 2020

We sample servers at Costco have off Sundays and Mondays, and my weekend has begun. Setting aside the current large sociological and political issues roiling my brain, I’m going horseback riding.

This is happening after several weeks of staying home. First, a seemingly unending string of smoky days and nights set many of us back on our heels. Breathing was uncomfortable, eyes burned, and throats stung. Most people tried spending lots of time indoors, but attempts locally to escape the discomforting smoke didn’t work.

When breathing’s a problem for humans, for pets it’s equally uncomfortable. During the smoky days, I didn’t load my horses and dogs and head off to a nearby national forest where we’ve enjoyed hours of freedom to play and explore. Even after that smoke cleared, my horses (and donkey!) have been spending their days hanging out in the loafing shed.

My pets are staying longer in place because of my part-time job that consumes time and energy. Interestingly, food producers are increasing their demands for in-store demos. Customers aren’t happy that we’re not cooking foods and serving freshly prepared samples. You’d think product demos wouldn’t be in great demand, but a pile of them are scheduled.

After months of lay-off and upon the company’s invitation to return to work, I said yes to working five days weekly. At first that felt okay, even was fun, but now I’m tired. So besides the smoke, my work has prevented horseback rides, hikes with dogs that run and swim, and tucked in, I’ve too-little off time to tackle a waiting, interesting, growing stack of books.

It’s hunting season, so today we’ll avoid the forest and instead go to a desertlike area where shooting isn’t permitted. No shooting means the horses needn’t sport red ribbons and the dogs won’t wear bright jackets. Today will be a restarting of regular outings, and it’ll be great.

Dear Friends: We’re most successful when balancing work, play, thoughtfulness. Diana

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