Thank you, Kirsten!

Kirsten & “That Cake!”

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Yesterday was Rosh Hashanah. On the Jewish calendar an annual Day of Atonement. My mother grew up in an orthodox family. As an adult she wasn’t active religiously except for Rosh Hashanah when she’d fast from sundown the evening prior to sundown on The Day. She considered this essential, kept her thoughts private.

This year, on the day before, I planned to begin a personal process of observing Rosh Hashanah in honor of my mother. Gone many years, I still miss her. An annual day of fasting might be a way of “reaching-out and touching”. Serendipitously, my new regime dovetailed beautifully with that evening’s plan, a great escape after starving (and unrelated per se to Rosh Hashanah) of joining others from our neighborhood at a friend’s home for liquors and desert.

Unique liquors

I’ll skip forward to friends, liquors, deserts, after mentioning that on Rosh Hashanah, after a big breakfast and while hurrying down the hill to feed horses, I remembered, “forgot to fast!” Oh Mom, with deep apologies, next year I’ll try again.

A slip of my brain didn’t impede the lovely evening. Little is more enjoyable than being among intelligent neighbors in a beautiful setting. We sampled fine liquors and superb deserts, and best of all we talked! About where we’re from, how we grew up, our work-lives and interests, and oh boy!, our political views were similar.

We were gathered in the home of Kirsten, Mark, and their three teenagers. Days ago while shopping in Costco, Kirsten saw my name tag and introduced herself. I knew her through Susie our mutual friend. (In our neighborhood, Susie’s “a glue”, having lived here twenty-plus years, knowing almost everybody, getting out and around, and enjoying connecting people.) Kirsten has a similar warm nature and arranged last night’s get together.

Besides Susie and me, were her across-the-street neighbor, Nancy; Kirsten’s husband Mark who joined us awhile to meet everybody; and later her trio of beautiful, bright, very-look-alike teens came and sat with us.


Kirsten is a “keto expert”, she creates serious foods and homemade desserts with high calories and near-zero carbs. Last evening, her almond flour-cream cheese cake was to die for. No, I’ll not atone for having remembered only that evening’s great escape plan. Thank you, Kirsten!

Another thing, and about Susie, who besides “being glue”, is very thoughtful. She insisted on driving to Kirsten and Mark’s–picked me up and later drove Nancy and me home. Another very pleasant thing, she’ll join me to horseback ride.

Yesterday even more and about my wonderful next-door neighbor Frank. He helped me (actually he did all the work) remove a flat tire from the Gater and today is willing to install a newly mounted tire.

Dear Friends: Maybe I’ll hold Rosh Hashanah closely as a day of fortune. Diana

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