Calling For Action

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

During and after last night’s presidential debate, emails and texts filled my phone from folks having political views like mine. Trump’s performance seemed a disaster. Oddly nobody felt like celebrating. The debate was a tipping point for an outpouring of confusion prior to some rapidly approaching key processes: (l) of seating a Supreme Court Judge, (2) determining the future of Obamacare, (3) ensuring the election process has a clean outcome, (4) winding up with leaders who consider options seriously, negotiate ideas effectively, and communicate responsibly privately and to the public.

In an badly bruised economy and failing trickle-down economics, dissent arises in sectors that lack a sense of gaining adequate citizen benefits. That “reality is in the eyes of a beholder” is apparent among factions at war in conflicted American cities. It’s important to rethink the concept, “fiscal responsibility”, and today focus less on individuals and money, and more on our nation and money. America needs solid perspectives and plans, cash infusions and jobs, and goals for meeting larger social needs and improving the larger environment. Our democracy may fail with fellow citizens so differently viewing common social-political needs.

Societal differences aren’t driven by a matter of “good people vs. bad people”, but more likely by perspectives among individuals and groups. Much is associated to upbringing, education, and economic optimism.

Last night America’s serious social conflicts played out and were articulated in the televised debate. Regardless of whether the outcome had a winner, let’s be clear. No Americans may remain winners until our nation gains leaders who understand how to plan appropriately and communicate well in all governing positions.

Dear Friends: A burden requires replacing worry with physical action, we must vote. Diana

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