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Thursday, October 01, 2020

These days of hope, pain, and fury make it a high priority to seek comforts that are soothing. Maybe that’s what’s behind the planned start of this year’s holiday shopping season, launching it a month earlier than usual. People already are pushing toward e-commerce. Online buying probably will explode the moment Amazon’s Prime Day hits in mid-October.

I get it, let’s shop, I’m ready! Without a clear purpose, I’m already roaming and searching Costco’s aisles for who knows what–something to comfort and help me feel better. I can’t imagine what unexpected and delightful object might fill the bill, for little captures my imagination. Well, I did buy an inexpensive red sweater after noticing that one looked good on a shopper wearing it.

This searching for comfort, an increasing need, is likely being exacerbated by (1) the ongoing pandemic that limits our outside activities, and (2) the continuing national politics that rage on and on and off the charts. My wanting more comfort increased following this week’s presidential debate, when we were forced to watch (as a friend has pointed out) “three old men arguing”, often incoherently and totally unappealing.

Recently, I found some satisfaction in bringing home a weighted blanket that adds comfort, although its fifteen pounds make sliding underneath cumbersome. But as a cover it adds a sense of security. While snuggling in I easily imagine myself reliving our pre-history, the most ancient times, when human types nestled deeply and warmly under a heavy combination of grasses, leaves, branches. It seems to ease my worries.

Aside from the blanket and that sweater, I’m still searching the shelves. That’s why this year’s earlier start to the shopping season appeals more than it frustrates. Big sellers know we’re ready to start online shopping. We’re already primed, we’re eager to seek appealing products, find reduced prices with free shipping, and to start choosing. These activities are doable as we hang out in our homes, and best of all offer an excuse to avoid television and its unending slew of talking heads.

Dear Friends: Texts and emails suggest that many of us have similar feelings. Diana

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