A Self-Hoisting

Friday, October 02, 2020

I didn’t plan to write so soon again about politics, but this changed last night on news that coronavirus is infecting the president and his wife. The reporting stimulated an immediate flurry of emails and texts of voters’ reactions and concerns. The stock market futures dropped 500 points and many speculated about possible upcoming changes in our current election process. A grim reminder, there are merely thirty-two days remaining before the end of campaigning and voting processes.

There’s little now to be gained by recounting details of America’s current campaigning and voting processes. Voters are aware and most know how they intend to mark their ballots. All understand the importance of submitting completed ballots safely.

There are standout key learnings, from on-high recent communications and anti-pandemic processes, along with the president’s health today. We can understand the needs for communications absolutely honest and constantly transparent. In contrast, from the onset of knowledge among scientists and physician about a possible worldwide pandemic, the Trump administration has ignored evidence of a pandemic reality and downplayed its active expansion.

Now, to loosely quote Shakesphere, “Trump is hoisted with his own petard.”

Dear Friends: An essential standout is the urgency for voters actively to vote. Diana

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