Saturday, October 03, 2020

A segment of Americans are considering that America’s top political layer might be attempting to transform the business of leadership into a reality show. Questions have arisen about whether the president’s “illness and hospitalization” are a ploy and play-acting, a showman’s way of damping today’s vigorous campaigning and voting processes. This pre-election has become an overwhelming process with too little flowing favorably toward the president. The weekend news stories are at work to find, “What’s really real?”. My sense is that coronavirus infections exist among our top leaders. Questioning that becomes the business of better positioned others. The rest of us will watch, listen, and learn.

Even investigating that reveals signs of shenanigans isn’t likely to interest Trump voters. Last week, I did a little probing of Republicans myself with some investigating. First, I asked a known Trumpion, “What do you think about today’s news, that the NYT have obtained past years of the president’s tax records?” The person sniffed and muttered, “What do you expect, it’s The Times!”, and marched away. Another time, I questioned a person more directly, “As a believer in fiscal responsibility, what are your thoughts about Trump’s years-long avoidance of paying taxes?” That person sniffed and muttered, “He’s paid taxes!”, and marched away.

I get it, in some ways we’re all true believers. On being questioned about my own deep-seated beliefs, I’ll stick to my guns. Nonetheless, I’ve a very deep opinion, that it’s essential to remain a lifelong learner. That means trying always to keep an open mind, which is hard as new information challenges and threatens to change us. Changes aren’t easy to make, and so no surprise that mostly, we are who we are.

Some people unabashedly are accustomed to achieving their ends by play-acting and telling lies. As many investigate and report on Trump’s leadership team, we’ll be at a “nearby distance”, wanting to learn. We’ll watch, listen, and hopefully can stay open to think, to evaluate any pros and cons.

Dear Friends: This troubling year is narrowing into a few very troubling few weeks.

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