Eight Pines & More

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Our weather is changing from t-shirt-go to jacket-at-ready. My friend Anna loves riding my mare, Rosie, and recently joined me to ride horseback through the neighborhood.

In this lovely neighborhood it’s possible at various points to leave paved streets and enter a nearby country-like area. It’s semi-wild with dirt roads running under power lines and surrounded by unkempt brush. One sights browsing mule deer, screaming Redtail hawks, and swooping owls. There are signals of nearby civilization, like infrequent distant rooftops and dirt-impressed hoof- and dog-prints.

Anna and I have ridden through all the local streets. Each trip away from and back to my house on pavement is three miles. Travel miles are more on the dirt beneath the power lines. A couple of hours riding in the neighborhood exercises the horses for six or seven miles. Our neighbors are friendly, their vehicles pass slowly, they smile and wave. I feel lucky, able to mount and ride safely without first having to haul a trailer.

The fall offers fresh beautiful changes. The other morning Anna and I were captivated by trees in fall glory and sometimes punctuated by sparkling water features. We took photos. In the header taken from a distance, Anna and Rosie appear very relaxed. The below close up of me on Sunni isn’t relaxed, the rascal in a bitless bridle keeps trying to dive for grass.

Both fun captures show some of this lovely neighborhood.

Dear Friends: At last, my small acreage has a name, “Eight Pines Ranch”. Diana

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