October Frights

Halloween Horse

Thursday, October 22, 2020

This morning I’ve tried to set music to a video of my pony, but matching the video length with a fitting bit of public domain music has left me stymied. So with apologies to opposing perspectives, I’ll speak to another looming topic: politics.

This day will offer a couple of biggies. Tonight there’s a final presidential debate that might turn into a debacle. Today in the Senate, McConnell is determined to seat a Supreme Court next justice, and the Dems are planning to boycott.

A big part of me is very tired, wishes to avoid these proceedings and that was my plan. But like a moth drawn to flame or a bee to a flower, I’ll watch everything. Because ahead are fascinating “monkey wrenches”. First, there’s Trump angry, desperate, and who knows what he’ll do in front of a dead mike? Or if he’ll show up for the debate? Second, Democratic senators are resisting the high court nominee and won’t be present, nor vote, but their non-participation could be overridden by Senate rules.

The senate situation is most interesting. A justice cannot be elected by the Judicial Committee without at least two members present from the opposing party. Apparently, McConnell without Judicial Committee approval could accomplish his goal, by calling for a full-senate vote and getting fifty-one yesses. Romney apparently didn’t vote Trump for president, but is likely to vote for seating Amy.

Ahead today, two full dramas!

We can’t assume Trump won’t be re-elected, because a very large portion of American voters prefer bold, take-charge, do-or-die types. We can assume that Amy will be voted into RBGs empty seat by Republicans, sidestepping established Senate rules and tradition.

We can assume that if Trump is re-elected, the beat will go on. On another hand, if the Dems dominate by achieving the presidency, senate, and house, there’s no assuming what might happen.

Because it’s all new politics.

Dear Friends: I toss my lot with the t-shirt that says, “Please, end 2020 now!” Diana

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