Self-Actualized Woman

Sunday, October 25, 2020

My buddy in the tipi, Susie, forwarded this photo of me. We were hanging out awhile and catching up on our lives, books, and activities. The guys who had been doing their own catching up joined us. They were sensitive, intelligent, relaxed. We were a foursome in a good mood, openly exchanging perceptions and ideas. It was an event worthy of writing about. I did, and now wish to speak about my friend Susie.

She’s her husband’s primary supporter for his brainchild, the HeliLadder. Working together, they sell, manufacture, assemble, and ship their ladder, designed to use in repairing helicopters. It’s shape avoids damaging complexly-shaped aircraft. The team works long hours and intently. In our catch-up, Susie spoke optimistically about the company’s progress. Here’s the HeliLadder in use:

Susie and her husband have two grown sons, one recently married and the other in a budding relationship. She’s an avid bicyclist, says road-biking relieves work related pressures. While biking, she often wears half-a-headset and listens to books, keeping her other ear open to road-related noises. In our several years of friendship, I’ve known what she reads and her enthusiasm for her book club. In short, without shirking any primary responsibilities, Susie’s activities expand the roles of wife, mother, worker.

We met because she used to ride horseback and became interested in my activities with horses. Many folks enjoy my horses and casually are interested in them. But Susie became more, first because she’s an athlete, and secondly she’s ridden with me. Horse activities that bring people together in matters of work and safety encourage individuals to know one another well. So beyond the horses, we’ve remained friends.

I appreciate Susie’s interest in people, her warm and caring manner, and my strong sense that she’s “always there” for her family and her friends.

Susie on Sunni, Miles tagging

Dear Friends: Friendship, like all that’s worthy, takes effort and is “the best”. Diana

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