Opining At Eight Pines

Monday, October 26, 2020

My ballot has gone into an official drop box. It’s now a short wait until there’s a national vote tally. Regardless of who wins, little will be pretty. In case the incumbent loses, the Supreme Court could wind up re-deciding the outcome. If there’s a new president, he must get rid of some key personnel who hold “protected positions”. He must rethink earlier decisions by all levels and change some of them. Those only are beginnings, for regardless of who wins there’s a bottom line: Unless the senate flips, our collective future is reduced to a matter of “good luck to us all”.

Besides voting, I’ve wished to help. I can’t volunteer the needed time to phone or knock on doors because of working nearly full-time. Here on Eight Pines Ranch are assorted, demanding animals holding me in capture. Thinking through this and drumming on my brain’s creative side, I had a epiphany: my donkey, Pimmy, could urge folks to vote.

Well, Pimmy has opinions about for whom to vote.

I offered to pay Facebook ten bucks to sponsor a distribution of Pimmy’s campaign among its uber-large reader-roster. The Facebook police rejected my contribution to the cause. That wasn’t unexpected and has to be okay with me, because they’ve leveled the field somewhat by also rejecting others.

So, for little over a week we’ll wait breathlessly for the tallies and results. My election-related yard signs are up and waving in an ongoing mighty n’western that has lowered the local temperature to twenty degrees. Meanwhile, I’ll either be at work or home in dungarees and heavy boots, staying busy enough to skip some election-related worry.

Dear Friends: Pimmy is very cool, fun, and guaranteed to lessen tension. Diana

One thought on “Opining At Eight Pines

  1. Yes, we love Pimmy’s campaign style. We think more of our candidates should campaign with real live donkeys!
    This year’s campaign has had so little good, wholesome fun. That I really miss!.. Thank you D.L. & Pimmy for making this election season a little better ! ! !


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