Learning At Eight Pines

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Behind me, aren’t just any old tuchuses. They belong to my mares, Rosie and Sunni, who last week were introduced to my small horse trailer. Afterwards, I became too busy and the weather too awful to continue with trailer training. A week had elapsed by yesterday when my friend Anna came to help retrain the horses. Imagine our shock when each, at a simple hand gesture, willingly entered the small horse trailer and stood easily. Well, full disclosure, there was an incentive of fresh hay on the feeding platforms.

That they comfortably entered and stood was a big win that deserves a shout out to Noell who trailer-trained them. Ahead is more, for although while inside they don’t mind butt-chains, I’ve not attempted to lift the trailer’s ramp or close its top doors. Accomplishing those opens another challenge, that of pulling the trailer while loaded.

These horses are accustomed to balancing in a slant-load trailer, which allows for shifting from side-to-side. A straight-in, however, requires shiftings of forward and backward. Anna cautions that driving around curves especially challenges the balancing inside a straight-in.


Anna brought along a surprise, a couple of beautiful red pears from Hood River, an area that produces wonderful fruit. They’re too pretty to cut or bite into, they’re more like objects d’art.

I will try to draw them, and please no chuckling, for somewhere in my house are colored pencils. I acquired them early this pandemic season, did little about learning to draw, and sort of forgot the pencils. Thinking back, maybe there wasn’t enough inspiration, and perhaps these sudden pears are nailing it. Hopefully, and now, where are those doggone pencils?

Dear Friends: This week brings warmer weather, just right for training/riding horses. Diana

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