“Can We Talk!”

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Recently, after proposing to a friend that we meet for coffee, it struck me that throughout this year I’ve avoided all public eateries. Plus, I stay away from public restrooms even where I work and sometimes am challenged. My self-imposed boundaries are a wanting to distance from CoronaVirus. Anyway, my friend has other commitments and later on we will arrange to meet.

I’ve come to believe in masks and that they’re essential in all public venues. I work in an often very crowded big box store where employees and customers must wear masks upon entering. The employees and most customers are diligent about mask wearing, but some customers after having entered do half- or totally drop their masks. Those if asked to re-mask may become belligerent. It’s stunning how many Americans consider the virus a totally false notion. They’re certain it’s a political inspiration that’s been strong-armed on American citizens by bad people opposed to the current top administration.

Anyway, I’m a believer of an active virus and in wearing masks. After several months working in a crowded venue among many who inadequately are masked, I and my co-workers (none of us youngsters) are healthy. This accounts much for my confidence.

It’s heartwarming to find a large percentage of others showing that they agree. Many pushing shopping carts have small children sitting inside, or little ones outside and trying to help push, or have kids simply tagging along. Their small children wear masks and try to keep them properly adjusted.

I wish that CoronaVirus were our single most major public problem. Unfortunately, this hard-fisted election season has opened many concurrent, heart-wrenching, public concerns. As individuals, our best bets are to wear masks while among others, keep a watch on events as they more unfold, and maintain hope that national issues may be resolved favorably.

Dear Friends: Looking forward to better days like, “Hey, let’s meet for coffee!” Diana

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