Friday, October 29, 2020

I’ve a “reminders list” that today says I’m to move trash to the curb for pickup, and I should start the SUV’s motor to insure its charge. It also notes that this is a National Cat Day. So, here’s a shout-out to the many cats that over the years have adorned my dwellings, and all equally have know how to wrap themselves around my feet in my attempts to walk.

In the old days when we had wired telephones, loud ringings tempted hurried responses. I had to train myself to move slowly and cautiously so as not to stumble and fall, for if I tried moving forward with intent, my kitty (doesn’t matter which) busily would be making figure-eights before my feet. Thankfully today, even as my cat is trying to trip, a usually handy cell phone reduces answering dangers.

This morning, thinking about my past kitty colocataires, I tried to count their numbers and had to give up. Long ago, I was active with a kitty rescue group and temporarily housed many kitties of all ages, in various health conditions. I attended adoption events and helped rescues find permanent homes. Here’s the odd thing, to me each was mine and even today I miss every one of them.

I think back, about Velvet, Marigold, Elvis, Patch, Simon, Shady, and a continuing list. Sure, they were cats, but each with its own, unique physical characteristics and personality. I remember them all but trying to count them loses me to the remembering.

My current colocataire, Maxwell, nicely summarizes them. He’s beautiful, a silver tabby, a fellow lovable, very friendly, and an efficient hunter. As my colocataire, he’s smart and usually knows what I’m trying to communicate, but mostly ignores my messages unless they’re about something he wants.

Yes, to me his physicality, sweet temperament, and sometimes bravery seem to summarize my past kitty colocataires. I surmise that other folks who enjoy cats usually adopt more felines than dogs. While cats generally are easier to live with they’re no less traumatic to lose. Cats as well as dogs are unforgettable.

Kitty TV

Dear Friends: I appreciate that a day is dedicated to these wonderful critters. Diana

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