Metaphoric Scare

Saturday, October 31, 2020 (Halloween)

My neighbor Susie forwarded a video link that captures the Halloween tradition of a woman who rides horseback through the streets of Chinook, a small town in Washington State. On each of the last twelve Halloweens she’s ridden, costumed in black, as the headless horseman. The locals love it.

Me, too, and so, I decided to ride similarly through my neighborhood this Halloween in the mid-afternoon hours. Friends offered creative ideas for making a headless costume, and I considered contacting my friend, Janet–a whiz at designing costumes, loves Halloween, and might costume-up and ride with me.

Meanwhile, the beginning of this holiday season keeps me busy in my part-time job at Costco. Lacking extra time and energy, I’ve failed to move forward in copy-catting Chinook’s Halloween rider. Riding headless seems an idea that’s too fun to drop, so it’s my next-year’s Halloween goal. I’ll speak early with Janet for her ideas and talents.

Tap the link, enjoy the ride:

Dear Friends: Innovating seasonal activities may make our traditions more fun. Diana

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