It’s Complicated

Sunday, November 01, 2020 (Time Change Day)

Thankfully, I have several electronic clocks that self-adjust. Since I forgot this is a time-change day, my old fashioned clocks remain set to DST. Sure I’ll change them, but it’ll be a few days until my brain retreats from DST. These semi-annual time changes force us to adjust what our brains comprehend, for brains do follow the light and a time change rattles the norm. Today’s light change will make me struggle some and make my animals’ brains happier (they’ll earlier receive vittles).

For eons human brains tended to deal with events that recurred, some large, others small, but all relatively ordinary. Inventions did crop up, like battlefield equipment for wars and a printing press to issue learning. Also there were creative thinkers. There weren’t many highly influential change-drivers. In contrast, our recent past has been filled with ideas and inventions, changes that loom unendingly. We’re forced now always to adapt to new norms.

It’s interesting to reflect on changes that have evolved socially and technologically, that have demanded huge changes in people’s thoughts, activities, and personal/interactive behaviors. By viewing historical changes alongside a view of now social conflicts, we measure how deeply affected we are, how broadly our needs are expanding, and how greatly complicated are our struggles.

Today, I’ll consider all this while wending through readjusted daylight hours. My adjusting will be a small chore, but it heaps onto a general feeling of discomfort.

Dear Friends: In several days, we may hope to gain more sense of how our future lays. Diana

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