Monday, November 02, 2020

Hard work is paying off, wins are accumulating in introducing my horses to a two-horse straight-in trailer. Their training has progressed in steps. Now, on a command to enter or exit, both horses respond correctly. They tolerate being secured in the back by butt-straps, and too, being tied up-front. Yesterday to my joy, as the trailer’s ramp became lifted and secured, they were disinterested. There’s more ahead, for I’ve yet to try closing the trailer’s upper rear doors. If that goes well, too, I’ll begin pulling the loaded trailer short distances. That will allow the horses to learn how to balance while moving and different from how they maintain balance in my big three-horse trailer.

Shifting gears, I worked in Costco on Halloween Day, saw lots of people in fun costumes. The biggest surprise, and one that made me laugh aloud, was an appearance of our Costco Viking Guy. After work, I tracked him down for a photo.

The Costco employees work hard, but on holidays offer surprises. Around Christmas, one of the guys usually strolls through the aisles with his tuba and blowing out holiday music. This year, I’ll be sure to get his photo.

Speaking of photos, an amateur photographer encouraged me to use my iPhone for a picture of the blue moon that’s kept us alight night after night. This capture might not be the most wonderful, but is a joyful reminder of looking up at that most-gorgeous moon.

Recently, on a warm day, Anna and I loaded the horses, went for a ride. Here she’s on Rosie.

And finally, my little Louie has been diagnosed as having sprained his back. There’s no telling how that might have happened, but now Louie is happier. He’s a little high on opioids and once again his same bullying self.

Dear Friends: There’s more to write about “clock-turning-back”, but on another morning. Diana

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