Mishmosh Day

Clockwise from left: PotAsh, LittleTail, WellSummer, Breeze, Mama

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Today is: (1) National Stress Awareness Day, (2) National Chicken Lady Day, and (3) National Candy Day. Really?

Beginning with the stress bit. As of yesterday, everybody’s in the game and awareness is on steroids. In fact, heightened tension reaches a level of “international poster child” for stress awareness. I keep recalling and often re-muttering the sage words of MSNBC’s Brian Williams, who said, “The Democrats have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” Yes, the Dems again are proving you right, Brian. This time around they had the talent, lead time, issues, and the cash to nail it.

It so happens that I’m one of millions of other Chicken Ladies. This day is a welcome celebration of we who raise and love the yardbirds. We know them as way beyond beautiful. Essentially, chickens are alert and smart, their personalities are unique and fun, and “they give us their all”. I’m busy caring for large animals and working at an outside job, so can’t adopt more chickens. My surviving ten-year-old hens (LittleTail, PotAsh, and WellSummer) are alert and active. During daylight hours, they happily greet me always.

Actually last night, I had a personal national candy day while watching the countings of national votes. My part-time job at Costco makes easy buying excellent candy during price sales. I buy and stash my candy. I hide everything, try to forget the stash, and for long periods don’t give that candy a thought. Occasionally, I do wonder why my compulsion to self-test in such a weird way. Sadly last night provided an event of self-learning that victimized and enlightened me. The less my hoped-for team’s landslide failed to materialize, the more often and deeply I dived into my sweet stash.

Dear Friends: “Stress, Chickens, Candy”, a whole day’s worth of hefty themes. Diana

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