Mindfully Present

From University of Washington’s Digital Collection

Thursday, November 05, 2020

In these days of political vote-countings, some friends and I are swapping texts to bolster our shared hopes that Democrats will win their races. Our observations and exchanges represent both commonality and community. Meanwhile, state-by-state counting processes are slow and confusing, they bum us out but we hang on, refusing to relinquish our dreams. In our lifetimes, we want to witness meaningful, real repairs to America’s politics and infrastructure, and a significant boost to America’s world status and influence.

Joe Biden could make America better, even if he winds up without a Senate that’s politically on his side. Joe’s been a professional politician for forty-plus years. He knows and has negotiated or worked with most others in key positions. He understands deal-making that benefits various positions. Throughout this last year of campaigning, only Donald Trump and his minions have spoken negatively about Joe Biden. Their believers in Joe’s corruption are Trump’s passionate supporters.

Ironically last year, in that first Democratic debate, Joe’s running mate Kamala delivered what might have been his hardest blow. From today’s perspective, few might find unusual or terrible that early in America’s desegregation process, Senator Biden resisted bussing children of color across towns to all-white schools. Kamala’s memory-story did strikingly criticise Joe, because of her uncanny ability to communicate at once on two levels. Her criticism had two extraordinary perspectives. One, her little girl’s fears in a separation from family; the other, her understanding of the good fortune in having been educated in integrated schools.

That debate moment and Joe’s later choice of Kamala as his running mate earns him high points for thoughtfulness and fairness. It’s a demonstration of his willingness and ability to operate within a larger picture that supersedes relatively unimportant incidences. Choosing Kamala set her communication talents on a trajectory that has underscored Joe’s humanity and experience, his planning and leadership skills. Kamala is proving herself an excellent co-campaigner, her supportive warmth and communication skills rise to a level of Jill Biden’s.

Our observations and hopes for a better future keep us texting, hoping, and mutually reassuring. We’re convinced that America could be more highly productive and offer increasing fairness to all citizens. No arguments can deny or reduce the values from great leadership. Leading well is a product of experienced, intelligent, capable, and essentially kind individuals. We couldn’t hope for any better than Joe and Kamala to renew America’s present circumstances, and encourage our better future to evolve.

Dear Friends: Every single moment of the vote counting business seems an eon! Diana

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