Yellow Brick Road

Photo by Anna

Friday, November 06, 2020

A photo is worth a thousand words, and today’s header has captured my joy on horseback.

That picture in my head these days helps to balance my brain. Much else is happening to consume time and energy. I’m busy, preoccupied and for awhile may hop less onto my horse and meander into beauty.

I write often about this time of stress among Americans. Our distress is from participating in and watching through this unusual election. The current tensions will be ongoing, for we’re asking, “What’s next?”, or, “Now, how are we going to govern?”

As America cycles through its changing of the guard, I chew on future worrisome possibilities. It’s mishmosh that fades during a horseback ride when I must focus on the horse. It’s less on my mind during my part-time working hours in a busy Costco. As a sample server, I’m assigned products and am responsible for hawking them to shoppers. Wait, since 2007 I was a sample server. It happens that the other day my boss offered to promote me to supervisor. Almost immediately, my training to the new position began.

For years as a retiree, I happily sauntered on a pleasant small ranch and cared for property and animals. My part-time, relatively easy work has motivated me to go out and be among people. At clocking-out time, that work has been forgettable. Years of serving samples makes it a “no-brainer”.

Suddenly, starting to view sample-serving processes differently, I’m slightly disoriented. A heightened sense of responsibility now speeds my activities. This is reflecting times in my long-ago career that offered an excitement of assuming new jobs. It’s intriguing, this unexpected opportunity to learn.

With a new job and an impending re-fi, I’m solidly in America’s threatened middle class, so vulnerable to interruptive politics and anticipated economic downturns.

Dear Friends: Oh, for shiny life-pathways that facilitate our journeys dependably. Diana

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