In The Moment

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

It’s fun when odd lines from my childhood occasionally pop up, most learned while reading comic books to which I was addicted. Yesterday, a line occurred that I easily could recall Archie saying to Veronica, “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”

That’s one of my favs and this morning is appropriate, for today begins my training for a promotion in my part-time job. I feel okay about being trained, but dislike that on each of the next five days it will gobble eight-hours. Moreover, this training means I must be at work by eight a.m. Come on!

I want the promotion, so yes, this morning am on my feet. I managed to sip a cup of coffee while pulling on a couple of sweaters and some heavy-duty coveralls. Now, I’m ready to strap on a headlight and go outside to feed horses. I’ll be watching Rosie and looking for funny, as she’ll be stunned by me treading downhill and toward her. Ah, yes Rosie, it’s no dream but real now, and will be throughout this week.

Dear Friends: Sorry for this moment when my brain can handle only this moment. Diana

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