Unforgettable Dolly

On “my bestest”, Dolly.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Years ago, as a total novice somewhat afraid of horses, I climbed onto my Quarter Horse, Dolly. She was mild-mannered, and over time taught me to ride, to know that horses are great fun.

Upon retiring to Oregon and knowing next-to-nothing about horses, I acquired a small ranch with a fenced horse space. I looked around, just to keep a horse. I had no intention of riding. I found Dolly, then in her twenties, and brought her home. I cared for her about a year, until one day and full of fear, I climbed onto her back, and Dolly stood quietly. When I managed to “up my courage” and mumble, “Walk,” she did.

For years Dolly carried me wherever I wished, into the mountains, over water. She had the fabulous attribute of always knowing where to find the rig and becoming lost was impossible. I’d drop Dolly’s reins and and say, “Go, find the rig.” She always did, with her I felt safe.

After Dolly passed, I searched for other horses. Few are better than mine today, they take me everywhere, are sure footed, dependable, and yes, find the rig. I love them, but my first horse, teacher and trusted bestie, is special.

Dolly taught this beginner much. I made mistakes in horsekeeping, some hard to recall. But learning is a bumpy road. and today, I’d face some situations differently. Nonetheless whatever I asked, Dolly never minded, didn’t argue and stepped up to the plate. She always did her best, and to my mind, perfectly.

My Dear Dolly.

Dear Friends: I’ll write later about my new at-work role and learning process. Diana

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