Deformation Professionnelle

Thursday, November 12, 2020

I’ll speak some about my adventure of training for a new role in my part-time job. I report to a woman who’s significantly younger. We spend lots of time together. She’s focused on the organization’s need to increase sales, is aware of staff as individuals and with unique capabilities.

Our different personalities push our discussions into directions both wanted and unwanted. Our worldviews differ enough that we must work to coordinate ideas on leadership and training. Sometimes our efforts are slow, for her management brain trends to the left and absolute, mine searches for enlightenment from the squishy, less-known.

It’s important that we talk, to thread toward our goal of teaming in mutual trust and dependability. In my experience, people who can get their heads together do team more creatively and achieve worthwhile outcomes.

It’s a long time since I’ve tried professionally to coordinate thoughts with another person. A powerful outcome of expressing aloud thoughts and ideas is that individuals may continue processing, by reaching deeply inside to explore more their views and opinions. Talking is powerful, it can summon self-awareness. I’m reconsidering ideas that have arisen from me and might recast a few.

Dear Friends: That seems enough, there are animals to feed in barely enough time. Diana

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