Yes, Really!

Monday, November 16, 2020

My week has been one of mumble-jumble anxiety. I’m receiving speedy-like training for a new supervisory role in my part time job. Several days ago, my friend Susie got in touch and invited me to the Neubauer’s TiPi. She and Dale would provide wine, cheese, a fire. She added, “It’s a great place to ventilate.”

Last night, we gathered around the fire pit, sipped wine, and shared our stories. For me, their pleasant companionship was plenty, but they had a surprise. Susie handed me a flat package wrapped in comic-paper, “Here, this is for you.”

Oh, My!

My little dream seems more true.

This beautifully designed sign turned my head completely from the complex topics of business, sociology, and politics. Their gift is an honor to my recently-named Eight Pines Ranch, with its three wonderful equines. The sign, a mark of achievement, increases the ranch’s individuality.

So beautiful and meaningful. I couldn’t look away from it.

The Neubauers have lived many years in this neighborhood. Dale, a helicopter specialist, is an inventor. His HeliLadder, a tool used in making repairs to aircraft, is designed to avoid damaging complex body shapes. Susie, his entrepreneur partner at Heliladder, makes certain that they maintain a life beyond work. In our neighborhood, Susie knows nearly everybody, her confident insight identifies and brings together folks with common interests. It wowed me, she had caught onto my casual mention, but deep wish, for a more identifiable property.

Thank you again, Neubauers, for offering on a chilly fall evening, the comforts of TiPi, fireplace, and talk. I’m beyond delighted with a beautiful sign identifying “Eight Pines Ranch”.

Dear Friends: Sharing seemingly small things often refreshes and keeps us going. Diana

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