Oy Vey!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

This day at work will be more challenging. In theory, I’ve completed the supervisory training.

Yesterday was worrisome. My manager tried staying uninvolved by having me perform all the work. I did okay in some categories, poorly in others. Inside Costco, “Computer systems knowhow” is required to manage a sample-serving organization. The manager faces online information gathering and reporting systems and creates reports. They’re demanding, time driven, and complex. Yesterday, I recalled enough computer stuff to meet some expectations, and sometimes my manager bailed me out of dark holes.

There’s the people part, of managing sample servers and building teamwork. A manager’s bottom line is achieving higher sales. I handled the morning pep talk with the crew, and was assigned to give breaks and lunches to two sample servers. When we became very busy, my manager took over giving breaks to one of my assigned servers.

A couple of times, I screwed up royally.

After giving my single-assigned server a break for lunch, I became busy with computer stuff and in an awful slip forgot to give her the afternoon break. That was illegal, for she’s entitled to all her breaks, and besides, I’ve performed serving work. I understand how much having breaks means and have railed when breakers are too slow to show up and relieve me.

I lost the company credit card! We couldn’t buy products to show today. I first denied losing the card, but in fact was the last person to use it, might have put it into my pocket. Well, that was on Saturday, three days ago! I couldn’t recall what I wore to work, or where those clothes might be, in piles that have collected during this full-time work week. I’ve rushed, dropped things everywhere. Long story short, I came home, found the jacket and in its pocket the credit card.

Today, my manager will be gone. I’m The Supervisor In Charge. With credit card in hand, I’ll arrive early at work to buy our needed products. But wait! My manager screwed up, too. Haha, nobody’s perfect. She forgot to leave the key to our office door. I must find someone to saw-off the lock and chew-up valuable moments. Well, I’ll handle the lock problem, make the product buys. But jeeze, in the wings are those computer reports, to be prepared promptly and correctly. It’s gonna be a great day.

There’s a positive: I won’t be fired for having lost the company credit card.

Dear Friends: Please have positive thoughts, as good vibes for my stressed self. Diana.

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