Gift From The Aisles


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Katie is in charge of Costco’s Flower Department. A busy young woman who moved recently from the East to Bend, she holds two jobs and works toward a college degree. She’s passionate about volleyball, has played and coached the game, and moves with athletic grace. These Covid-19 days prevent participating in team sports, so Katie has refocused her passion. She runs daily on complex paths with her adored Husky.

We’re buddies at Costco, especially this past week as I wandered in my new supervisory role. She knows her way around the store and where most products are located. Customers ask Katie where things are, she takes them directly to items. Part of my new job is shopping, and well as I know the store, I get confused. Katie bails me out.

An essential in my new job is preparing samples daily for display. I cook only rarely and yesterday got stumped in the middle of preparing pancakes. My batter was too thick, the cakes on a griddle looked like hell, and I didn’t know how to start over and make things any better. That work had to be complete before the demo crew arrived. In the midst of my dilemma, Katie popped in to say hello. Guess what, she knows all about pancakes, took the spatula and rescued me by transforming my giant too-thick cakes into dollar-size sprinkled with cinnamon. That plate looked pretty good.

Moreover, my hero is strong, lifted a microwave from a high shelf and set it on a low table so I could prepare mac ‘n cheese (instead she prepared). Before the crew arrived we had finished my morning work! Thank you, Katie!

Katie is very bright. Hopefully, she may continue with school, and work on toward a Ph.D. I could visualize her as expert in a field suiting one of her passions, like sports or veterinary medicine.

Dear Friends: A “find” that delights, this cool, intelligent, modern “flower child”. Diana

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