In the aisles!

November 20, 2020

I’m starting to write this at 4:30 a.m. and hoping to jot a thought or two before 5:30. Then I’ll head outside to feed horses. After meeting all my critters’ morning needs as well as my own, I hope to be en route to work before 8:00.

At my workplace, word from above has announced that our accustomed schedules are about to change, meaning that more often I’ll be in charge of our department. My manager has decided to push more rapidly my supervisory training, because whoever’s in charge must attend to tons of daily system and reporting details. She hates mistakes.

The work itself isn’t hard. One must know where to locate and retrieve data, the frequency of needing certain information, and understand how all our data connect this branch to the larger system. Ideally, we supervisors are OCD and always put report pages into perfect order, and we have good working relationships (i.e., communicate well enough) with those who receive our sendings.

I prefer being casual and enjoy circling rules when possible. I’m wondering about my interest in striving to meet rigid demands of my promotion. Here’s the thing, I’m retired, have a little ranch with a few horses, goats, hens, dogs, birds, and a cat. My reason for working is to be forced away from ranch responsibilities which keep me happy but also a little isolated. Working in one of a small city’s biggest box stores puts me in touch with other folks, and often with distant friends who shop there. Work provides social opportunities.

Something else falling into play is a personal deep need to achieve. I want to step up to the plate and learn the stuff, do the job well, and hopefully, contribute meaningfully to our teamwork and goals. Back in my career days this was an active drive, pushing me to learn, perform, and contribute. Who could’a guessed that years later it’d return to get me all wound up!

Dear Friends: Now, I must hurry outside and start to feed the big ones. Diana

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