Welcome Winter

Saturday, November 21, 2020

This time of frozen beauty makes it possible for my horses to be on pasture. They may spend whole days munching on grass without gaining weight. This year the freeze came slightly early, as usually they’re not allowed to graze freely until after Thanksgiving when it’s really cold.

I’m eager to go out with a camera and capture this transitional season. For the purposes of photography and needed exercise, maybe on Sunday with camera and dogs, I will travel to the mountains. It’s wonderful up there to tramp around, study natural beauty, and see my dogs just being dogs.

Today, this must be short for the farrier is on his way, and on Monday, the horses’ teeth will be floated. Those are my equines’ big needs for awhile. Next week at work, my hours should become shortened. That and appropriate weather will allow time for horseback riding, and since ’tis the season, in an area that disallows hunting.

Dear Friends: Look around, breathe, and enjoy this lovely day. Diana

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