Where Next?


Sunday, November 22, 2020

At my workplace things are changing equally fast to everything beyond it. Recently, I was promoted to supervisor of the food-demo department in our local Costco. We had resumed showing foods after the Covid-19 layoffs and worked five days weekly, were allowed off on Sundays and Mondays. Beginning next Tuesday, however, we’ll leap from five to seven days of food demonstrations.

Some key questions still in the air are like, where may our tables be set up inside the store, and daily, how many demos may we be allowed? We need more personnel and right now have stiff competition from WinCo, a cost-cutting grocery that’s hiring and newly about to open.

I’m at the bottom of line management, haven’t a sense of why or who makes the decisions, or what my organization’s future may look like. There were times long ago when even small organizational changes caused great discomfort to many of us working in large institutions. I always disliked changes.

Apparently these days, it’s different and I’m able to roll with the times. I’ve accepted an inevitability of constant change. Besides our current confusions in workplaces, we vividly are aware of abounding and huge changes, politically, socially, and economically. We could tag onto this, most all “grouping type” words.

The anxieties of our younger population are understandable in this always changing world. It’s reasonable nowadays to want to seek a small safe, unchanging spot. One way that makes sense and achieves a sense of security is to slide under a weighted blanket (which by the way are selling like hotcakes).

Dear Friends: This passing period of Covid-19 has changed forever our known world. Diana

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