New Day


Monday, November 23, 2020

One goodness from being outside early to feed horses is witnessing the early light. The sky so beautiful you want to reach and try to touch it. One of my early childhood memories is of my habitual staring up at clouds and wondering about them. I try now to imagine what then might have been on my young mind. Guessing is impossible after a lengthy blank, but clues to those early feelings might be in my wishes to capture a morning sky.

This day will be our “horse dental day”. Soon I’ll load all the horses and travel east to visit a mobile equine dentist. Once their teeth are done, worries about handling annual “big things”, may for awhile be set aside.

I’m running short on time, have been distracted by trying to capture a lower interest rate on my mortgage. The work to support a refinance has scooped up hours–all about finding, copying and sending documents.

Just briefly, my supervisory training at work is done. Starting tomorrow, my daily working hours will be shorter, except for two days weekly that the lead supervisor will be off, Sundays and Mondays. On those days I’ll be in charge, working full time. My regular days off will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. At least, and hopefully, going forward will prove less stressful than the last couple of weeks. It’s been a personal test, learning a computer reporting system and having to perform reasonably well.

Dear Friends: It’s become my life lesson, that personal testing is the ongoing challenge. Diana

2 thoughts on “New Day

  1. I am impressed that you can juggle all your responsibilities and take on a challenging new job! I am lazy by comparison!😝 Dave and I looked into a refinance last week but when we saw the list of required documents, found it too daunting and irritating at this stage of our lives!❤️😊🙋‍♀️

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  2. I get it! The documents are daunting and caused me to hesitate. It was serendipity–rushing around at work and doing computer-related stuff that I little enjoy. Probably fired me up enough to stay more active at home. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered, will see some gain, but too little to have been seduced from unrelated interests.


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