A Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 27, 2020

Yesterday, my neighbor Susie and I saddled up and rode through the neighborhood, stopping at the homes of folks we know well. Some were at home and others away for the holiday. If you reside in the neighborhood, are reading this and missed us, we stopped by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Susie and I made a stop at her home where her son, Ian, was working on a car. He snapped today’s header photo, as well as this very cool close up of Susie and Sunni.

It turned out that Ian likes horses, has a yearning to ride. He loves the idea of horse camping and is onto something, for horse camping is great fun. Here, Ian is on Sunni and about to have a riding lesson.

Susie and I continued our ride by slow-walking for about three miles on the neighborhood’s paved streets. We said hello to folks who were out strolling, and returned waves to passengers in the few passing vehicles. We felt deeply satisfied that the horses couldn’t have cooperated better.

Back at Eight Pines Ranch, we practiced loading the horses into my small straight-in horse trailer. Sorry to say, I’ve been too busy at work or the weather too awful to load them into the vehicle regularly, and accustom them to its small size. Yesterday to our surprise, both horses entered, stood quietly, appeared comfortable. Unloading turned into something else with a bit of backwards scrambling. That was a learning experience, and next time around I’ll smooth their exits.

Here again, we’re happy campers.

Dear Friends: Our neighborhood horseback ride, celebrating the holiday increased its fun. Diana

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