Trembling aspen leaf

Saturday, November 28, 2020 (Finally, in 33 days this stressful year will end.)

On the ground a little leaf, outlined in frost and pretty as anything, captured my imagination. Just spotting the leaf and seeing this photo have me wishing beyond my capabilities to recreate in silversmith. My wistful thinking sees the image transformed, from a pebble-based reality into a jewel that sparkles off a necklace.

That’s how art is born. One zeroes in on an object, transforms it into a personal vision, and communicates in a manner commonly understood (e.g., written or visual arts), to create a symbolic reality. For example, take my dream necklace.

The necklace would have a purpose, to symbolize Oregon’s high desert country, its complex natural beauties. The necklace’s first jewel, my sparkling aspen leaf, would be followed by others representing red juniper berries, intricate pine cones, glassy obsidian, delicate thunder eggs, wild mushrooms, and so much more abounding in this region of mountains, rivers, forests, seasons, and history.

This thread of thought leads to a recognition of having found “my place in space”. This home area lends to a sense of happiness and productivity, and encourages outings of the dreamer within.

Dear Friends: This Covid-19 year has forced us into more fully self-understanding. Diana

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