Up & At It

Moon-rising above Costco parking lot

Sunday, November 29, 2020 (In 32 days, the world bids 2020 adieu.)

I’m early up and ready to hurry, to arrive at work by 8 a.m. Today and for two more days, I’ll be managing the local Costco’s food demo organization. Showing up there at an early hour will follow my earlier big rushing to care for the horses and smaller critters. In this morning’s pitch darkness, and accompanied by Miles, my Border Collie, I’ll go outside to feed horses. They might finish early enough to be walked over to a neighbor’s and left to graze all day. Otherwise, I’ll rush home at midday and replenish their hay.

Friends ask why I do this. Well, no particular reason, but workplace challenges in these Covid-19 days are interesting. Daily changes to old norms keep brains and bodies active. Another way Costco is fun, customers become friends. In this Costco, the only one for miles around, workers get to know shoppers and enjoy swapping ideas and observations with them. Maybe best, long-time, dear friends also show up, like Julie yesterday, and we’ve catch up opportunities.

Perhaps the bottom line is that as a retiree, unlike in my career days, I’ve choices about whether or not to work. Having a choice changes everything, makes an option a nonbinding agreement.

There, a few good reasons for having a job.

Dear Friends: It’s past five, time to toss on dungarees and “Get Out of Dodge”. Diana

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