Circle of Warmth

Beneath setting moon, morning 11/29/20

Monday, November 30, 2020 (Only 31 days before the world bids adieu to 2020.)

Yesterday morning and proud to say, my clock-in time at work was 8:05. Earlier, I fed horses and goats (hens were roosting), walked the horses across the street so they could graze all day on a neighbor’s pasture, fed the dogs, birds, aquarium fish, and Max the cat. And got to work enough on time for a self-congratulatory moment. Today, I’ll try fifteen minutes earlier to tackle morning chores and improve my time-in.

A lovely note from my Cousin Mary has me congratulating us. Mary and I are first cousins and close friends with much in common. It’s genetic because we didn’t grow up together. I evolved in the Midwest, she in “the L.A. scene” (Hollywood High graduate). We first met and connected sometime in the 90s when I lived in Los Angeles. She and her husband Freddy invited me into their family circle, and almost immediately, we were soulmates, and remain close now across new miles that separate us.

Mary reads my blogs and writes in response to a recent one. She describes once owning a facial salon located next door to a jewelry shop. The blog that struck her memory cord had my photo of a frost-highlighted leaf, pretty enough to bejewel a necklace. She writes that, years ago, her jeweler-neighbor brought in some leaf jewelry. She loved those pieces and bought several for herself and as gifts to others.

She began thinking back and wondering where now those pieces might be. After searching and finding, she sent these pictures.

Good matches to my frosted-lead photo, and here’s a reminder.

It’s fun that besides our shared family history we have similar imaginations and tastes. Thanks to my dear Cousin Mary, for who you are and for keeping in touch.

Dear Friends: Family connections, real or faux, may amaze, it’s about communicating. Diana

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