Full Beaver Moon rising

Tuesday, December 01, 2020 (Only 30 days more of this high-stress year.)

This time of year and right now comes an annual moon that blows me away always. Last evening was no exception as the bright clear moon guided my drive home. It transformed my mind to a world of Shakespeare, of Romeo and Juliet, its light hypnotic and guiding. Finally, from my driveway, the best shot on my iPhone isn’t nearly good enough. But friends, you see this moon in real time and understand, too, its capacity to mesmerize. Best, this wonderful moon will glow above us all week.

Later, I stood near the barn watching that bright clear moon lighting my house. My iPhone couldn’t capture the moon’s circular clarity but could capture its glow. The resulting photo, a mood study, is pleasing. Although a too-quick glance may question its peacefulness.

Beaver moon over the Eight Pines Ranch

It turns out that I needn’t work for a third straight day of managing the food demo organization at Costco. The full time manager is cutting short her vacation, and so today will begin my weekend. Sighting that new moon eased my brain, so full of computer systems and reporting needs. Later, a good night’s sleep dismissed work-related residue.

This and tomorrow morning, my horses will graze at my neighbor’s. Both afternoons, I’ll ride horseback through the neighborhood. If by myself, I’ll ride one horse and pony another to exercise both.

Speaking of exercise, yesterday after innumerable hurries across Costco’s length, from my office in the back to the store’s front computer room, I probably took the 10,000 steps in a five mile walk. I noticed that the fitbits were on sale, so bought one. Starting Thursday at work, it’ll count my steps. If I wear it today and tomorrow, it’ll count a horse’s steps as my own. The instrument counts in association to one’s arm movements, and while on horseback arms are guiding and constantly in motion.

Dear Friends: A collapse of my brain for two whole days incredibly is welcome. Diana

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