Get The Picture

Saturday, December 05, 2020 (26 days more of this year)

Here’s the best photo I’ve taken of geese flying overhead which they do frequently and noisily. My photo is fuzzy because I lack a camera with zoom lens and stop-action capabilities. My old dependable zoom is well past its prime. I love to capture birds, haven’t for a long while, because photos turn out like this “geesey failure”.

My sad situation is being fixed thanks to a couple of regular customers at Costco. Yesterday, Steve and Bonny, customary Friday shoppers showed up, excited about their new camera. They described its assets and ease of use, causing me a jealous spastic. They will be able to capture birds!

I love photographing distant birds up close! Last night, inspired, I researched cameras and now have discovered QVC online! Oh pity me, unable to resist self-indulgence. More buys than a duplicate of their camera are on the way.

Sporadic impulsive behavior, my downfall, recurs in winters. Immune to shopping I consider myself, but I ain’t. All’s worse because I must survive Oregon’s real winters. As temperatures transition, often suddenly, from warm to cold, the marketed winter wear encourages images of warmth and sturdiness against harsh elements. We who have large animals brave heading outside early on every freezing morning. At least, after last night’s splurge I’ll feel warmer.

And again, able to take bird pictures. Thanks, Steve & Bonnie, for the camera review and recommendation!

Dear Friends: Happily, my addictions avoid alcohol, drugs, and dangerous living. Diana

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