Edgy In Eight Pines

Sunday, December 06, 2020 (25 days left in 2020)

This day starts another round of managing a business organization and my home base. Home base includes large animals needing care, in early morning still-darkness and late afternoon early-darkness. Winter-short daylight hours increase the difficulty of handling work.

Yesterday, a casual friend shopping, where I work in Costco, paused to say hello. She looked tired, seemed sad. Said she’s unhappy that for months she’s not exercised in a gym, and fears her muscles are weakening. Worst, she’s a horsewoman, and lately, has no interest in saddling-up and riding.

Maybe she’s over-isolating and has become depressed. Many customers do seem closed away, some focused heavily on keeping at a distance from others seem particularly unhappy.

A pitifulness in this Corina-Virus era is having to self-isolate. Normally, even the most intrepid loners find ways to socialize, among a few friends or by hanging out in public places. A dramatic reduction in social opportunities creates a problem, meaning in a sense having to “go it alone”. It forces individuals to inner-focus on their most personal selves. Comprehending one’s potential for wider interests, temperament styles, physical capabilities, and economic situations, may reveal options to help individuals keep feeling okay.

It’s apparent among Costco shoppers that many do the inner work well, are getting along. But like my friend yesterday, some not so much. Talking with her helped me understand that my desire to work associates highly to wanting to be out and among others.

There also are the masks. Many who still complain about having to wear a mask are sporadic wearers. We who daily and for hours wear masks now barely notice them on ourselves, but are highly aware of masks on others. We’re cautious around those with masks beneath their noses or chins. We’ve cycled through a “masked learning curve”, calling for recognizing individuals by other than noses and mouths. There are identification clues in eye colors and shapes, eyebrow sets, hair-styles, skin colorings, and unique ways of moving and standing.

Maybe this semi-isolation period soon will end. Many express confidence it will, but who can know? For certain, nearly everybody can understand the awfulness of feeling anxious, depressed, and sadly helpless.

Dear Friends: In just 25+16 days, or 41 in total, optimism may more widely blossom. Diana

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