Monday, December 07, 2020 Pearl Harbor Day. Another 24 days remaining in 2020.

This must be a short hello. It’s early-early a.m. and soon I must tread toward the barn to feed horses. Only a very tight early schedule will let me clock-in at work close to an eight a.m. starting time.

I’ve written about working mostly part-time in Central Oregon’s single Costco. Only those who’ve been inside a Costco in early mornings before the store opens, know it’s totally “another world”. Pre-opening Costco is a busy, zipping go-car track. Costco’s crazy-zippers aren’t go-cars but honking herds of fork lifts, speeding and noisily rambunctious, until exactly the moment Costco’s doors open to its waiting public. Then suddenly for a couple of moments, there’s a miracle of absolute silence.

Trying to describe Costco in early mornings has consumed the available writing time. For now this morning, and until tomorrow, here’s wishing everybody a good day.

Dear Friends: Effective pre-work schedules underline good workplace performance. Diana

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