Sliding Into Winter

Tuesday, December 08, 2020 (In 23 days, 2021 will arrive.)

Today begins my weekend and will be busy. A neighbor, whose pasture is a quarter mile from my house, is allowing my horses daily to graze there same as last winter. Traveling to and from his pasture will have me walking with three equines on a road with light vehicle traffic. Last year, on seeing us, vehicle drivers kindly slowed and waved.

My plan early today is to walk the horses to that pasture and leave them for several hours, until early afternoon when my friend Anna will arrive to ride horseback. We’ll stroll through the neighborhood, and afterwards, might have enough daylight remaining to practice loading the horses into my straight-in trailer. With practice, they’ll begin entering the small trailer confidently, and exiting backwards without fearing its ramp.

Yesterday, my friend and coworker, Annabelle, helped me lift a large utility sled (with runners, vehicle tow package, and rear reflectors) into a shopping cart. We somehow stuffed everything into my small car, and at my barn, dragged all from the vehicle. Thank you, Annabelle!

During past snowy years, a smaller utility sled has carried hay to my horses. Sometimes I’ve wished it capable of hauling more hay in a single trip. That’s what made a bigger sled appealing. Initially, the store had in stock eight or nine sleds. As I hesitated they disappeared, and yesterday, the remaining one fed my impulse. It must have had my name on it for Annabelle was available, and now, it’s parked in my barn, will help mucho during our next snow.

By the way, whether snow falls this winter is a gamble. The news have reported that last month was the warmest November on record–wonderful for horseback riders and confusing to ranchers. Nonetheless, experience teaches that regardless of the odds, one always must be at-the-ready. So now, awaits a hay chariot.

Dear Friends: Relationships between the natural world and climate are mind-bending. Diana

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