Neighborhood Story

Wednesday, December 09, 2020 (22 days remain in 2020)

Yesterday, an astonishingly beautiful day, warm with clear skies, invited outdoor activities. In my world, of course, outside translates often to horseback riding. My friend Anna came over, helped to gather the horses from a pasture down the road and lead them home. We saddled, rode, and even in this familiar neighborhood, explored and discovered a new pretty path to ride.

We also “discovered” my neighbor, Frank, outside and about to drive to Worthy’s to pick up his beer order. He paused, we briefly caught up with one another. I’ve been working nearly full time and missing formerly frequent visits with Frank and/or Annette over the fence between our properties. They’re comfortable friends, and so yesterday, I self-invited myself over soon for one of Frank’s fancy beers.

Nothing compares to great neighbors. Early this year with Covid fears running very high, Annette became concerned about aging neighbors at risk for the virus. She walked the local area, knocked on doors and introduced herself, offering to shop for others. While gathering groceries for herself and Frank, she filled others’ needs-lists and delivered. She shared some hard-to-find supplies. I was in self-isolation, fearing the virus, and grateful for Annette’s kindness.

More about Frank and Annette. Years of living next door has shown me they’re special. Now, writing in a thoughtful mode, here’s an explanation. Frank and Annette are strong individuals, able to care about others and willing to assist when needs are appropriate to circumstances.

Dear Friends: They, and similarly fine others, make this neighborhood wonderful. Diana

One thought on “Neighborhood Story

  1. We are lucky to have good neighbors, too. People really slow down when our horses and/or dogs are close to the road, they stop to chat, bring their kids down the road to meet the horses, etc. We feel really grateful to live out here!❤️😊🙋‍♀️

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