To & From

Thursday, December 10, 2020 (21 days remain in 2020)

The girls again are grazing on a wonderful pasture down the road. Early yesterday, I walked them there and left them for all day. As daylight waned, Sunni was the first to spot me returning and still at a distance. She alerted the others and initiated an elaborate group display of running, bucking, and faux-kicking.

Rosie in her early twenties still is drop-dead gorgeous, and in action moves beautifully, a dream to behold. Sunni is Rosie’s full sister, younger and built slightly differently. When, as yesterday, Sunni’s rear goes into full-drive action, she’s a mirror image to her big sister, a moving beauty.

Pimmy donkey follows her horses and imitates their action. It’s fun to see her energy up and watch her cute, stiff-legged canter. She keeps enough distance from the bigger girls to dodge the action and faux-kicks, does some faux-kicking herself.

My problem is walking all three equines to and from this pasture. Long-legged Rosie has a big walk. Pimmy is slow, a drag. I constantly try to slow Rosie while pulling Pimmy forward. The donkey naturally prefers to move cautiously. Most irritating is that Rosie knows how to walk with a handler, to keep her head at the handler’s shoulder. She takes advantage when I’m coping with several lead ropes. Thankfully Sunni is easy, but leading all three is hard work.

Heading into another winter of pasturing, I try to reassure myself. (1) Challenging physical work is good for me. (2) Our continuing group walks will have the animals becoming easier to handle. Unfortunately, in a shadowing yawn, we’ve been there, done that, it don’t get better.

Dear Friends: It’s a life process: we get up, hope for the best, and carry on. Diana

3 thoughts on “To & From

  1. Can you take Rosie alone first then Sunni and Pimmi? Or would that just take longer and make them more upset? With our dogs, Katy is fine being left. alone. Ray gets frantic if we take Katy but leave him home alone. And even if Grant stays with him and I take Katy for a walk he spends a half hour searching the house and yard before settling down. He’s fine going alone with either of us and loves riding in the car.

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  2. Yes, and equines also have separate issues. Taking horses separately would gobble too much time. I will slow Rosie’s pace, and quit trying to speed-up Pimmy. Having Rosie walking with her head exactly at instead of ahead of my shoulder will smooth our to-and-from journeys.


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