Picture It

Light dance

Saturday, December 12, 2020 (Nineteen days left in 2020)

I spent this morning’s wee hours studying how to use my new Canon SX540HS (point & shoot with a 50X zoom) that arrived last evening. This compact camera is lighter-weight, with many more features and greater power than an early predecessor that for years served me well. My wanting this powerful zoom is to shoot birds, perched high or in flight, to capture animals as they run and play, and to record impressive landscapes.

Having an earlier model, I knew how to turn this camera on and to point to shoot. Unfortunately, this early morning’s murky darkness made it impossible to find even a slightly-visible photo op. My searching for light took me to a one and only shot. Taken through a glass door, the string of lights bordering my small deck isn’t a prize photo, but I like it. Even without appropriate lighting and shot in autofocus mode, the capture is moody and suggestive.

Right now, that’s all I understand of this camera’s features. Unfortunately, my brain couldn’t process correctly the steps needed to connect the camera via wi-fi to other devices. Later, I’ll re-tackle the wi-fi challenge and hope to do better. Another possibility is to borrow a bit of another’s brain for assistance.

Dear Friends: Photography technology is exciting, so many creative possibilities. Diana

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