Zooms & Booms

South Sister

Sunday, December 13, 2020 Eighteen more days, is all.

Taken from beside my barn on a icy frozen-out afternoon, that’s the South Sister, about twenty miles away as the crow flies. I’m practicing with my new camera, a fine one that makes me both happy and a little disappointed. My older version of this zoom Canon had an eye-view, which the new one lacks. The pressure of my forehead helped to stabilize that old camera as I tried to shoot birds.

Yesterday for sure, the new camera easily sighted a perched bird atop a 60-foot tree. My hands couldn’t stay steady enough while trying to grab a good shot. Here obviously, the bird’s a Robin, resting nicely and unmoving, but see! My unsteady hands disturbed the opportunity.

Shaky Robin

Practice helped.

Close-up captures were a piece of cake, and the camera stopped action of some birds flying toward the water.

I’ll learn more and be happier with this camera. Meanwhile yesterday, the most interesting visuals beside nearby visiting bluebirds were distant icy-blue mountains. I liked the composition of today’s header photo, with the nearby trees suggesting distance from the South Sister. Again, here’s that Sister in full zoom.

South Sister

And another in the Range, compelling Broken Top, my favorite among the Cascades, and also, a beautiful area for horseback riding.

Broken Top

Dear Friends: Snow that began falling early might make today a visual delight. Diana

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