Tuesday, December 15, 2020 (16 days until)

These days the hour may be early, when home from work I’m at the barn to feed large animals, but it’s too dark to take photos. Last night, I had to use my new camera. Early that morning I’d discovered it forgotten from the night before, atop a feed storage can and encased in a glassy coat of early-falling ice. My heart sank for sheer neglect had ruined it. I carried it into the house, wrapped it in a towel to absorb thawing moisture. Full of self anger I hurried off to work.

On coming home, I found a dry camera, could turn it on and off. Now to hurry to the barn, feed, and try to use the camera. Of course, no natural light for picture-taking, but I wore a headlight and with it illuminated areas. To my relief that light, and the camera working properly, created visuals, and they’re interesting.


This slightly-claustrophobic capture, among my favs, is a staircase toward the lower level.

And finally, welcoming holiday lights! Arching over my across-the-road neighbor’s entry gate.

The camera still works; and lesson learned!

Dear Friends: Modern technology astounds, amazing new electronics often cost less. Diana

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