December 16, 2020 (Countdown to the New Year, another 15 days.)

Back when I lived in LA, a pair of successful realtor-brokers, both blondes, called their company, “The Bizzy Blondes”. Their theme was: “If you want to get things done, hire a bizzy person.” Well, they were right.

My hours at Costco almost suck the air out of anything else I could or should do. My job is part-time, but weekly means five days of dressing and showing up. My wearable electronics indicate that working in the store daily has me averaging 13,000 steps. Arriving home isn’t a rest for the weary, for eager pets need cleaning-up after, feeding, and attention.

The thing is, I’m on the go like a buzzy blonde and can’t stop. I’m into cleaning and organizing activities usually ignored in my off times. After all, an un-bizzy can clean and organize anytime, chores become set-asides.

But not now for me, and there’s assistance.

While dusting a console and glancing beneath it, I re-discovered my iRoomba vacuum–parked there on its charger, forgotten a couple of years. I pushed its “clean” button and that little robot took off! It ran in a helter-skelter pattern for an hour or more, over carpet and tile, did a yeoman’s job.

That sent me online for a shopping spree. Now, en route are a second iRoomba-Vac and an iRoomba-Scrubber. Experience teaches to expect the vac will work well. I know little about robot floor scrubbers but feel confident. Years ago, a Costco customer explained that she had small kids and a couple of German Shepherds, and she daily ran a scrubbing robot and loved it. Although my work is sales-related, I’m often sold things by customers. Soon, I’ll see a working robot floor scrubber.

I’m not highly organized, don’t make lists and careful plans. My nature resembles an iRoomba’s roaming and handling what next pops into the path. In these days of increasing work-related activities, my brain’s organizing parts are re-activating. I’m becoming “more bizzier”.

Dear Friends: Spot-on, Blondes! Doing more work inspires more self-challenges. Diana

4 thoughts on “Helpers

  1. Ah yes, the accountants’ (& the government’s ?) definitions!!! I stand with my original premise. Once I get dressed, adjust my mindset to the work environment, & show up, whether I work 5 hours that day or 8, it’s full time. (Been there, done that.) Though when I’ve had to stay at work only 3 or 4 hours, the fun & feeling of freedom associated with “getting out early while the other guys were still working” was better, even though it took big chunks out of 5 days per week. My guess (even if it weren’t for COVID-19) your schedule prohibits things like lunch out with pals & other days-off type treats. Correct? Therefore, in reality, it’s just like full time. NB — I admire you for doing it though. 🙂


  2. I agree that preparing for and going to work five days calls for a full-time perspective, and yes, a treat is leaving early some days. I feel fortunate, with doable work, near home, often fun. These confusing times include uncertainty about schedules, available hours, and opportunities. Regardless of who defines the action, a worker or a governing body, these days are about “just hanging in” until plans and schedules become more predictable.


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