Wintery Times

Pre-Christmas Winter Sky

Monday, December 21, 2020 (10 days remaining in 2020)

This morning, I hope to move more quickly, having learned that tomorrow as well as today are eight-hour working days. Usually, Tuesdays are the beginning of “my weekends”, but sudden changes mean going with the flow.

I dislike leaving the horses here at home, through yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This warm weather would let them be grazing in a neighbor’s pasture. My having to be at work very early erases time to walk the equines across the street. It’s not a quick gig. The horses must be haltered, arranged for leading, and then taken across the road. After entering my neighbor’s place, we cross his property to the pasture in back. On a good day, this horse transferring eats away twenty minutes.

I want it outside to be nearly light before going to feed horses and to give them an hour in the stalls. The lack of early light deeply cuts my free time. And worst, today will be the year’s shortest, and tomorrow also will be short of light. That means the horses must stay home, and at lunchtime, I’ll briefly return and toss hay to them. This, too, will pass.

Otherwise, Thursday will be Christmas Day. The mood of shoppers is friendly and open. They’re rushing to handle last-minute needs. It’s too near Christmas to find goods, now often scarce or missing, and shoppers are seeking alternatives. My workplace, Central Oregon’s only Costco, is crazy, busy, and now, even fun.

On Facebook, musical artist, Janis Ian, posted this cartoon. It sums-up 2020 about right.

Dear Friends: Oy, Great Britain has been hit with a more virulent, new Corona-V strain. Diana

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