He Got It Right

Tuesday, December 22, 2020 (9 days left in 2020)

Throughout my fifteen years living in Central Oregon, there’s not been a winter like this–so warm! Yesterday, early in this Christmas week, our noonday outside was what’s considered “shirtsleeve”. Last evening, I was feeding horses in a wind that had kicked up. The thing is, working in wind isn’t pleasant, but that one was not wintery-cold.

Today will be my third in a row of having to be at work for eight hours. Of course, that again kills daylight time before and after work. Darkness prevents my walking the horses early to a neighbor’s pasture. An option worth considering might be going late in to work.

Writing this morning clues me as to feeling empty-headed, tired, and grumpy. I’ll be kind and spare readers and myself. Tomorrow will be different. As a welcome day off, it’ll point my head in another direction by providing both daylight and quality time for attending to homestead matters.

Dear Friends: Among the Laws of Compensation: “Up periods” precede “dive bombs”. Diana

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