Wednesday, December 23, 2020 (8 days to wait….)

Planets are nearby and in sight, and today will add another star, Pimmy. My friends, the Gilberts, are bringing their granddaughter to meet, feed carrots to, and ride her (above, nosing for treats). It’s too bad I lack tack that fits her unique (mostly too-fat) shape, for in the past, children have saddled, bridled, and ridden Pimmy. Small donkey-happy people should have opportunities to experience the full Monty.

I’ve a job, too, for the bigger Gilberts. I’ll ask their help to haul over to my neighbor, John, a case of Bud Light, his drink. (I wondered, aloud to John, Who, in Bend, Oregon! drinks Bud Light?) Anyway, the horses are thanking him for letting them hang out in his pasture. And, far back on a Costco shelf, his beer was waiting.

Being a manager is kind of cool, and in that spirit I’m allowing myself days off from work. The short December daylights rob me of sight needed to care for my large animals. After several days of working inside from eight to five, I felt the disheartening burden of a midwinter sense of nearly-constant darkness.

Today will revive my pleasure of being more in natural light. I look forward to this, while yet, my sadness from too little light clues as to why early humans created megaliths, like Stonehenge, to represent such as calendars and clocks.

Dear Friends: Human creativity can offset the dimming of natural light in winters. Diana

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