Group Walk

Immature Red Tailed Hawk

Thursday, December 24, 2020 (7 days more of 2020)

Christmas Eve! Central Oregon today will be lovely, as was yesterday, and especially around my place because the Gilberts visited. They brought their 10-year-old granddaughter, Abby, who was eager to meet (and maybe ride) Pimmy.

Ride Abby did. Dave lifted her onto Pimmy’s back. Abby settled into the” sweet spot”, and although an inexperienced rider, she sat straight and easy–a natural. Dave led Pimmy as we headed off to a neighbor’s pasture, a quarter mile away, to leave the horses all afternoon.

Shaky at the start
Confident with practice

Julie had charge of Sunni’s lead rope (and for a photo Rosie’s, too). We continued and I led with always vigilant Rosie, ready to alert and protect her herd.

This trip was fun, more than my usual journeys with the equines, because each moves differently. Almost always Rosie steps slightly ahead; Sunni is accommodating and will adjust; but Pimmy is a problem–always reluctant to step-it-up without encouragement. In our travels from home to pasture and back again, I’m tugging constantly at Pimmy. What keeps me in this game is telling myself that she keeps me strong.

My camera captured from way high a young hawk. Even through distance the bird disliked my attention. It flew away but not far. I couldn’t capture it again but kept an eye on it. The hawk moved several times, at one point was chased by smaller birds and soon it’s mate (or a parent) appeared. It took me time to figure out the kind of hawk. To my best guess, a beautiful young Red Tailed.

Dear Friends: Simple circumstances with happy kids and animals are great fun. Diana

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